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While you may not have heard of HUO JI, we aren’t exactly the new guys on the block. We have been quietly building great products for other brands since 1996. You probably have something we built on your desk right now.
In an effort to control the experience from the manufacturing facility all the way to you, the customer, we are bringing HUO JI directly to the end user. This new channel...



Artificial intelligence into the astronomy?

Scientists use artificial intelligence machine learning capabilities, the existing astronomical data input "neural netwo...


Inflationary pressures worth noting in 2018 The global economy will be...

According to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), the U.S. manufacturing expansion in December was the fastest in t...


Smart City Drive Smart Traffic overall solution is perfect

With the vigorous promotion of smart city construction, smart traffic, smart medical care, smart security, smart energy,...

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